Sand is gold and skies are blue

Location: Larnaca

What I’m wearing: Vintage hat and bleu silk scarf; s.Oliver blouse; Pnk Casual shorts; wedgies from Mamaia, Constanța; Meli Melo earrings
A new adventure arises!
Some of you may know that I very much like to plan long trips. It’s not necessarily a way of escapism, but a wild need to […]

Head in the clouds

Location: Bucharest

What I’m wearing: Zara silk blouse, H&M skirt, clutch from Brugge, leather sandals from Bucharest, jewelry with semiprecious stones (Turquoise)

Deep blue sky
Every time I see these pictures, I remember what a wonderful day I had! Beautiful weather, joy within, colorful clothes. And the color of the sky! This amazing […]

The countryside

Location: Războieni, jud. Neamț

What I’m wearing: Vintage blouse, Mango jeans, leather sandals via Leonardo, my aunt’s vintage earrings

Grandmother’s flower garden
I visited my boyfriend’s grandparents, in the countryside. There’s something so special about the countryside. The calmness, the serenity, the way each and everyone carries his joys and sufferings with […]

Another beautiful Romanian celebration, Sânzienele

Location: Bucharest

What I’m wearing: Vintage dress and purse, leather sandals from Iași, Mango belt, vintage jewelry with nacre

Every year, on June 24, Romanians celebrate a special custom called “Sânziene”.
Legends say that “Sânzienele” are some very beautiful girls who live in the woods or in other parts of the nature. […]

Road trip through Neamț and Iași

Location: Humulești
This is the place where one of our greatest writers lived, Ion Creangă. It’s in a very small village in the north east of the country, and today it’s a museum.
I grew up with his funny stories, because one famous book of his is called “Memories from childhood”. […]

A glass of red wine, please

Location: Bucharest

What I’m wearing: Zara silk blouse and kitten-heel peep-toes, top from Target / U.S.,vintage leather skirt, Lollipops bag, silver jewelry with precious stone (Emerald)
Fresh and appetizing
I love how daring this color combination of red and green is! It’s something new and bracing. Perfect to taste a glass a wine […]

On my toes

Location: Piatra Neamț

What I’m wearing: Bershka skirt, H&M white top, Pull and bear skirt (traditional motif) used as a top, stockings and shoes from Constanța, bracelet with semiprecious stones (Coral)

Playing extravagant
Why using a piece of clothing only for what is meant? This mini-skirt looks amazing dresses like a top. […]

To be or not to be… a lady

Location: Bucharest

What I’m wearing: Zara jacket, lace top and trousers, Mango shirt, stockings from Rep. Moldova, Charles Jourdan shoes, vintage bag and bracelets with semiprecious stones (Coral)
The jacket has romantic curves and a passionate color. I wanted it to match the lace top and the flowery stockings. The pants and […]

Lace than ordinary


Location: Bucharest

What I’m wearing: Vintage trousers, blazer and bag, Mango top, leather shoes from Iași, hair accessory from Constanța, jewelry with semiprecious stones (Hawaiian pearls)
Embroidery has always fascinated me, so I fell in love with this vintage blazer the minute I saw it.
And the classic cut of the vintage […]

Suit up, sexy!

Location: Bucharest

What I’m wearing: Zara jacket, vest and skirt, Mango top, leather peep-toe platforms from Bucharest, my mom’s clutch, silver jewelry with semiprecious stones (Coral)
Sensuality dressed in black
I simply love these 2 Zara pieces that I have in my closet, the vest and the jacket. They are a perfect […]

Expressions of love

Location: Piatra Neamț

What I’m wearing: Vintage blouse, long skirt and earrings; Zara sandals; beads used as a belt; my mom’s clutch

My admiration and love for beauty
This was my first visit to this wonderful city, Piatra Neamț. Me and my dear one were attending a wedding, and after the ceremony […]

Let me whisper in your ear

Location: Bucharest

What I’m wearing: Traditional Romanian blouse, leather skirt from Austin, stockings from Constanța, Zara sandals, Bershka necklace, vintage bag

Every day, seductive
“Seducing transmits me a special emotion, which allows me to be creative through fantasy. I imagine a warm light, insatiable eyes, meaningful gestures – all these combined to […]

Like a child

 Photo credits: Radu Teodorescu

Location: Bucharest

What I’m wearing: Traditional Romanian blouse, Mauro Grifoni jeans, Zara flats, Crafty Grandma handmade pendant by Janeta Ionescu, my mom’s bracelet, vintage headband
Cheerful day
I created this casual and happy outfit. I had a playfulness that day, that matched the look. The pictures are taken in […]

Summer walk

Location: Bucharest

What I’m wearing: Pull and bear short jeans, cropped Bershka man’s t-shirt, H&M sneakers, Ray Ban sunglasses, necklace with leather string and silver pendant
I love biking!
I have to admit that I was a late learner. I only learned how to bike a few years back. But since then I’m […]

Neamț, a wonderful place to be

Location: Bicaz Barrage, Romania

Location: Bicaz Gorge, Romania

Location: Red Lake, Romania

Location: Neamț Monastery, Romania

What I’m wearing: Zara TRF mini dress and stockings, H&M straw bag, Michael Kors sunglasses, leather shoes from Bucharest, earrings with semiprecious stones (Onyx)
Road trip for one day
I visited for the first time in my life these amazing places! […]

Little Paris

Location: Bucharest

What I’m wearing: Sfera jacket, H&M dress, Zara stockings, Mango shoes, vintage scarf and bag, hat from Bucharest, Forever 21 necklaces
Bucharest, the little Paris
I love Parisian looks, they are very chic. I wanted to create a romantic outfit, with french influences. The red hat was the perfect element […]

Business trip

Location: Bucharest

What I’m wearing: Mango pants, Pimkie top, vintage leather jacket, Nicole Miller laptop bag, leather shoes from Iași, H&M necklace
Casual-business look
I love to combine animal print with strong colors, such as this beautiful red. And another perfect complement was the greenish leather jacket. The office-look is defined by […]

Fallen hearts

Location: Bucharest

What I’m wearing: Calvin Klein leather jacket, Lacoste shirt, vintage velvet skirt and silk scarf, Terranova stockings, Kenneth Cole clutch, shoes via Miniprix, jewelry with semiprecious stones (Agate)

Frosty transparency
I was in the mood for combining cold pastels like gray, white and greens. It was a chilly and breezy […]

Genie in a bottle

Location: Constanța

What I’m wearing: Sophia skirt and top, Indian shawl, Meli Melo earrings
Make a wish!
Every time I visit my friends in my hometown we come up with ingenious ideas! We fool around, we dance, we cook and we laugh a lot.
And we take lots of pictures! This shoot was […]

My sweet 29

Location: Bucharest

What I’m wearing: Vintage dress, Zara flats, gifted flower in my hair, my grandmother’s slipover

Birthday girl
My birthday was always celebrated in a great, beautiful way. For my family it was a very important thing. My mom always baked delicious cakes, cooked wonderful food and invite my friends over. […]

Gitana story

Photo credits: Iulia Gheban, fashion blogger at

Location: La Rulote, Vama Veche

What I’m wearing: H&M top, short jeans and necklace from Bucharest, Converse sneakers

The life of a gypsy
There is something so appealing to the nomad life!
To pack your things and just go. To be on the road. To enjoy freedom. To […]

The origin and celebration of Easter

Location: near Briceni, Republic of Moldova

What I’m wearing: Vintage blouse and scarf used as headband, Mango jeans, Zara flats, silver earrings
What Natalia is wearing: Vintage shirt, jeans and earrings; leather flats from Bucharest, Fossil watch
Ancient traditions
I would like to give you another perspective on this beautiful holiday, and open […]

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    Prejmer citadel and the first fortified church in Bârsa County

Prejmer citadel and the first fortified church in Bârsa County

Location: Prejmer citadel, near Brașov

What I’m wearing: Vintage coat, skirt, fur and earrings; Mango gray sweater; C&A mauve sweater; stockings from Constanța; boots from Bucharest; Blanco bag
Treasure hunting
Recently I was on a road trip for a few days and my loved one surprised me, taking me to see an […]

Hippie hippie shake

Location: Bucharest

What I’m wearing: Dress from Montreal, stockings from Constanța, boots from Iași, bag and wooden necklace via Miniprix

Hippie colors
What a joyful combination of colors and lines! I love how brown can soften and give warmth a little bit to a cold combination of colors like white, tents of blue […]

In search of the sun

Location: Republic of Moldova

What I’m wearing: Vintage Levi’s short jeans, Esprit top, silk scarf used as head piece, jewelry with semiprecious stones (Coral)
What Natalia is wearing: Vintage jeans skirt and vintage Louis Vuitton scarf used as head piece, Bershka top, Fossil Watch, hand made necklace – Zuri jewelry
Sunflower happiness
Last summer […]

Strawberry lemonade

Location: Piatra Neamț

What I’m wearing: Puma jeans skirt, vintage sweater, top from Constanța, stockings from Italy, Zara ankle boots, hand made jewelry

Cheerful mood
I loved how pink and yellow go together so well! It’s such a happy combination. I described the post as “Strawberry lemonade” just because of it: the colors […]

Doctor Queen

Location: Piatra Neamț

What I’m wearing: Wrangler jeans, Stradivarius shirt, sweater from London, ankle boots from Torino, borrowed necklace
Casual movie setting
After I created the outfit I saw the resemblance with the ones that Jane Seymour wore on the movie sets of “Dr. Quinn”. Or at least it gave me the […]

Let it shine

Location: Constanța

What I’m wearing: Stradivarius top, jeans from Genova, Bershka cope, Promod shoes, my grandmother’s necklace with semiprecious stones (Amber)
Shiny moments
There are moments in time where you feel spoiled by life, by destiny, by nature, by friends. This was one of those days. I was home for a few […]

Purple soul

Location: Bucharest

What I’m wearing: Vintage sweater, Banana Republic silk skirt, transformed Motivi top, Denis sandals, silver jewelry with semiprecious stones (Citrine)
Windy adventure
I remember this day, it was so windy and fun! The photos are mostly in movement, surprising instant mimics. I love it!
I chose to mix shades of beige […]

Street view

Location: Bucharest

What I’m wearing: Timing shirt, vintage skirt and bag, stockings from Bucharest, ankle boots from Torino, Forever 21 earrings, necklaces with semiprecious stones (Agate), Mario Rossi sunglasses

Balancing reality and imagination
Sometimes I just want to wander the streets and discover new places, with beauty and mystery, with melancholy and history. […]


Location: Bucharest

What I’m wearing: Mango silk dress, Musette platforms, vintage bag, scarf (used as headpiece) and earrings

Chocolate cake craving
My favorite dessert is the chocolate cake that my mom does, ornamented with raspberries. These two ingredients go so well together, and they inspired me to create this delicious outfit to […]

A vineyard taste

Location: near Focșani

What I’m wearing: Vintage dress, Zara clogs, shawl from Dubai, necklace with a semiprecious stone (Agate)
Sunset dream
Darlings, you know how I love road trips. Well, this was a stop during one.
Me and my sweetheart were going to visit his family and some beautiful places in the north […]

Some days are satin

Location: Bucharest

What I’m wearing: Bebe silk top, vintage silk pants, Musette bag, di Beatrice sandals, silver jewelry with semiprecious stones (Amethyst)

Dreamy eyes
Many people have told me lately that I seem wistful. With the head in the clouds, starry-eyed, a castle builder. It’s a beautiful state, but still a state […]

The ways of a woman

Location: Bucharest

What I’m wearing: Vintage top and bag, Mango jeans, leather pumps from Bucharest, jewelry from Constanța
What Natalia is wearing: Vintage blouse and bag, Orsay jeans, clogs from Piatra Neamț, hand made jewelry
Celebration of womanhood
Women are like flowers, treat them gently.
Women are like storms, be centered.
Women are like teardrops […]

Outdoor games

Location: Predeal

What I’m wearing: BSB leather jacket, Esprit sweater, vintage skirt and comforter, stockings and leather gloves from Bucharest, H&M hat, leather boots via Miniprix

Winter games
I went with my sister in the mountains for a couple of days, and she was the one behind the camera this time. So, […]

Sweet little plum

Location: Bucharest

What I’m wearing: Stradivarius jacket, vintage sweater and bag, Terranova skirt, ankle boots and stockings from Bucharest, Pull and Bear necklace, Michael Kors sunglasses
Plum clothes
I have always liked mixing black with mauve. Such a powerful combination, that’s why I chose to soften a little bit by adding some […]

Rose sorbet

Location: Bucharest

What I’m wearing: Vintage poncho and skirt, Zara sweater, stockings from Italy, Musette bag, Charles Jourdan shoes, necklace with semiprecious stones (Agate)
Color pop-up
The moment I saw this vintage poncho, I loved it! The colors are so vibrant, and I’m especially fond of cyclam and lila. I matched it […]

Gangster fusion

Location: Bucharest

What I’m wearing: Vintage fur and bag, dress from Iași, H&M beanie, leather boots and accessories via Miniprix
Gansta’ style
I felt like combining natural fur with knitted elements, like the dress and the beanie. It’s kind of daring, that’s why I called this look a gangster one. And the […]

Spring tradition

Location: Bucharest

What I’m wearing: Vintage skirt and scarf used as headpiece, H&M sweater, Lacoste shirt, Zara stockings, shoes from Barcelona, silver jewelry, trinket bracelets
Happy spring, my dears!

On the 1st of March we have a very beautiful tradition, called “Mărțișor” (The Trinket).

This feast is celebrated in the Balkans: Romania, Bulgaria […]

Take me home

Location: Predeal

What I’m wearing: Motivi jacket, vintage sweater, jeans from Genova, Zara hat, Esprit gloves, Stone Creek booties, necklace with semiprecious stones (Turquoise)

Where is home? Where do you feel like home?
I found this beautiful locomotive next to the train station while I was visiting the winter resort, and it […]

Little red riding hood

Location: Bucharest

What I’m wearing: Zara coat and peep-toes, Motivi blouse, Intimissimi bra, vintage leather skirt, stockings and leather bag from Iași, Bershka earrings, necklace with semiprecious stones (Coral and Turquoise)
Life celebration
Today is a very special day for Romanians, as we celebrate love and the coming of spring. It is […]

Sunflower seeds

Location: Piatra Neamț

What I’m wearing: Vintage tartan skirt and leather jacket; Mango sweater; H&M necklace, stockings and man’s scarf; leather bag from Constanța, leather booties from Bucharest

Vintage tartan
I simply love tartans! They give me a feel of old times elegance.
With the same skirt, jacket, stockings, booties and bag I […]

It took me forever

Location: Bucharest

What I’m wearing: Vintage fur, leather shorts, silk blouse, velvet vest and bag; stockings from Constanța; leather booties from Austin; Pimkie earrings; Michael Kors sunglasses
All about glam and low cost
I wanted to create an outfit mostly out of vintage pieces, to show you my dears the charm that it […]

Shakespeare in love

 Photo credits: Camy Teodorescu, jewelry designer at Sundary Bijouxx

Location: Shakespeare Bar, Bucharest

What I’m wearing: Pull and Bear dress, H&M stockings, leather boots from Iași, vintage ring, necklace made out of semiprecious stones (Citrine)
Art collection
I liked some details of the interior design when visiting this place, and my dress and accessories matched […]

Long live the diva

Location: Bucharest

What I’m wearing: Vintage faux fur, leather pants, jacket and clutch; Mango turtleneck; Terranova hat; leather gloves from Bucharest; leather boots via Miniprix; silvery  jewelry from Iași; Mario Rossi sunglasses

Long live the general!
Or the general outfit, anyway. But worn like a diva! I felt like wearing something fancier that day, […]

Valentine’s hearts

 Photo credits and hairdo: Camy Teodorescu, jewelry designer at Sundary Bijouxx

Location: Bucharest

What I’m wearing: Vintage top and shorts, Zara stockings, Jolidon bra, hair accessory and earrings from Bucharest
Love wishes
Love wishes to be pure, sincere, wholehearted, unconditional. Love wishes to be expressed every day through touch, affection, smiles, laughter, joy, passion, romanticism, complicity. […]

Office meets jungle

Location: Piatra Neamț

What I’m wearing: Zara pants and booties, H&M top, vintage sweater and clutch, borrowed necklace
An old house nostalgia
I have a very strange attraction and fascination for old houses, for ruins. These places have a story, and they’re now abandoned. People’s lives and memories are linked to them, […]

The road to adventure

Location: near Bran, Romania

What I’m wearing: BSB leather jacket, H&M long black sweater and beanie, esprit striped sweater, vintage skirt, Stone Creek booties, leather gloves and striped stockings from Bucharest, jewelry with semiprecious stones (Onyx and Agate)

Oh darling, let’s be adventures!
The road is open for the love travelers, for […]

Domesticated Pink Panther

Location: Ion Heliade-Rădulescu School, Bucharest

What I’m wearing: Forever 21 silk top and necklace, Rich and Skinny silk shorts, Michael Kors sandals and sunglasses, vintage clutch
Sneaky Pink Panther
I discovered this school with such an impressive architecture and design in the middle of Bucharest. I appreciate art in this form and I […]

In the mood for jazz

Location: Constanța

What I’m wearing: Motivi coat and booties, gloves and stocking from Constanța, vintage scarf and earrings
These photos are taken exactly 5 years ago, celebrating my boyfriend’s birthday. It was a cold windy day of February, but I felt so happy! It was the first time baking a cake, a […]

I could really use a wish right now

Location: Near Craiova, Romania

What I’m wearing: United Colors of Benetton sweater, Polo Garage top, Mango jeans, nacre earrings
Road trip!
Seeing it’s a beautiful sunny day outside, me and my boyfriend decided to jump in the car and make a one day road trip to visit some friends. So we packed […]

Translucent poppies

Location: Mamaia, Constanţa

What I’m wearing: Zara dress, silver jewelry with semiprecious stones (Malachite)

Flowery morning
On this sunny morning I wanted to take a casual walk. So I put my colorful long dress, some flat sandals and lifted my hair up in a loosely bun.
As soon as I saw this spot […]

Sinaia, sprinkled with fairytale dust

Location: Valea Dorului slope, Sinaia

What I’m wearing: Adidas winter jacket; ski pants, gloves and hat from Brașov; sweater from Bucharest
A winter fairytale
When it snows, the scenery becomes white and sparkly – like in the stories we used to read when we were little. I am always so happy to […]

Smooth Criminal

Location: Bucharest

What I’m wearing: Vintage leather shorts, hat and pearl necklace; Mango top; jacket and stockings from Constanţa; booties from Bucharest
Black and White
I find a black and white combination wonderful, it gives a classic note to any outfit. I thought that the jacket and the hat go perfectly together. Having […]

Dangerous Touch

Location: Bucharest

What I’m wearing: Vintage long coat, bag and scarf used as hairpiece; vintage Lacoste belt; C&A sweater and stockings; Pimkie top; shorts and boots from Bucharest; Mario Rossi sunglasses; necklace via Miniprix; my mom’m driving gloves
Sunny, yet dangerous day
Being more in a crazy joyful mood, I felt like wearing animal print this […]

Sail away with me

Photo credits: Camy Teodorescu, jewelry designer at Sundary Bijouxx

Location: Constanţa (The Black Sea)

What I’m wearing: Blanco jacket, H&M dress, Zara shoes, stockings from Constanţa, vintage bag, Forever 21 accessories, Fossil sunglasses
Come with me on this journey!
The pictures are taken in my hometown, Constanţa. Being raised here, I love cities by the sea or […]

Playful Delight

Location: National Village Museum, Bucharest

What I’m wearing: Mango jacket and sweater, Fishbone jeans, cowboy boots from Las Vegas, vintage shawl, vintage masculine silk scarf used as headpiece, my mom’s driving gloves
A cold bleu marine walk
The afternoon was sunny, after many foggy days in a row. So I decided to […]

Basic Joy

Location: Constanţa

What I’m wearing: Indian blouse, Fishbone jeans and belt, Zara flats, my mom’s bag
Having fun!
First time coloring my hair, and it’s such a pleasant adventure finding clothes that match! I loved the combination between white, bleu marine and light brown – like my hair.
It was a confortable and […]

Balchik, beautiful and magic

Location: Balchik Palace, Bulgaria

What I’m wearing: Coat from Constanţa, Motivi dress, Mango bag, leather boots from Sibiu, vintage earrings
What Natalia is wearing: Coat and shawl from Iaşi, Mango jeans and sweater, Stone Creek boots

Rose scented palace

Ladies, I’m introducing to you my sweet friend Natalia. We spend a lot of time […]

Asymmetric Elegance

Location: Bucharest

What I’m wearing: Polo Garage dress, leather shoes from Bucharest, my mom’s clutch, stockings from Las Vegas, vintage earrings
Passionate, within
Some days bring a certain fire to the surface. And you start feeling your own passion. But it’s not a passion for things or people, it’s something that you […]

Winter Audrey

Location: Bucharest

What I’m wearing: Vintage coat, velvet jacket, leather skirt and handmade blouse; Boutique 9 booties, Blanco clutch, gloves and scarf from London; earrings, headpiece and stockings from Constanța

Sophisticated winter
I admire Audrey Hepburn so much for her unique elegance! And I think we can all borrow something from that.
Lace, leather, […]

Escapade into the wilderness

Location: Capidava citadel, near Cernavodă (Romania)

What I’m wearing: Mango cardigan, sweater and jeans, Massimo Dutti shoes, jewelry with semiprecious stones (coral)

Romantic findings in escapades

Adventure runs through my veins, so my greatest excitement is in new discoveries. I am also an incurable romantic, so I love being swept away in […]

Fresh Green

Location: Bucharest

What I’m wearing: H&M top, Mango jeans, Motivi jacket, Alberto Venturini shoes, Indian shawl, silver jewelry with semiprecious stones (amethyst)
Outfit inspired by nature
The light of the sun does wonders not only for nature, but also for our spirits. Spring comes with a renewed energy, it makes us feel alive again. Maybe […]

Budapest, romantic and inspirational

Location: Budapest

What I’m wearing: different Mango cardigans and sweaters, Puma jeans skirt, C&A gloves and stockings, Stone Creek boots, scarf from London, my mom’s bag
The magic streets of Budapest
I am such an admirer of beauty! And in Budapest I found all the right reasons to fall in love with this amazing […]

Bloody Black

Location: Bucharest

What I’m wearing: Zara skirt and silk blouse, Guess peep-toe, vintage accessories, my mom’s clutch
Bloody Mary
A woman is a combination of many things. But only few of her characteristics are acknowledged, to cultivate further. We see the kindness in one person, the strength in another. And in ourselves […]

My roots and my inspiration

I have always admired those women who take care of themselves, regardless of the circumstances. I admire beauty.

My first role model was my lovely grandmother, who taught me about self care and self love. In her youth, she looked the most refined. Still at this age, she never gets out […]

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